"The VarioLux arrived the day after I ordered it ... that swiftness is almost unbelievable! The courier was kind and the VarioLux arrived intact. I am very satisfied with the purchase because despite not using it everyday, I already see the results: I only have a few extra pounds and those little holes that are formed by tightening the skin with my hands are disappearing, continuing to eat normally and without exercise (I'm lazy) !! And after having finished the massages with the Variolux Super I feel more energetic and light and looser in movements: in short, I feel like I'm 20 years younger, I'm 44 and the body is no longer like a twenty, let's face it, but the VarioLux does magic! Then I wanted to say an important thing: I read some negative comments on the forums about these masseurs with bands where they said that they caused the breaking of capillaries ruining the legs. Here I turn to these people: know them to use well following those few and elementary instructions and above all respect the times. These gadgets are not monsters as some would have us believe but simple effective masseurs (words of my doctor). Women make good use of it and nothing will happen to you !!! I don't know if it will make my opinion public, but I wanted to say it anyway. "

Maria Stefania A.

"Even after a couple of months I want to leave my review .. which doesn't mean how good and courteous the courier is ... I think that counts, but relatively. I find myself writing after at least 2 months that I use this jewel .. At first I thought, "well it works or not, it's definitely great for relaxing" now I say that not only relaxes but does magic ... I really had a lot of cellulite, I'm not fat but 15 years ago I lost 15 kilos in a month creating very visible damage, now I can say that I have thighs and bottom almost completely smooth without depressions .. I use every band for six minutes on the buttocks and thighs, sometimes even on the abdomen but just because it relaxes, not having a belly on the abdomen I use according to the time I find myself. I will continue to spread the word, because the product is excellent and equally excellent is Mr. Scavone who answers to the slightest doubt !! "


"I received the Variolux Super in a short time: a day and a half. About ... everything arrived as expected! The tool works perfectly and is of good construction ..... the courier was very kind ..... I can say that it was a pleasure to shop with you ".


"Thank you so much for contacting me and showing me once again your seriousness !! The machine works perfectly and I am very satisfied with it. Not to mention the speed with which the delivery took place (24 hours from the order). "excellent publicity since I am benefiting a lot from using it ... Truly a good buy, really !!!!!!! Thanks again".


"I received the VarioLux and everything went well. It works wonderfully! In addition to the slimming and firming action, it is an excellent anti-fatigue for the leg muscles! I suffer from heavy legs. After 5 minutes of VarioLux Super I feel my legs more tonic and light! A friend of mine tried it at my house and now she wants to buy it too. Thank you for the kindness and the promptness with which you have processed my order, Best regards ".


"I want to tell you that your kindness comes out of the trade parameters! Never has it happened to me that the" seller "asks for information about the product or is concerned about its delivery! This is honorable! The product arrived intact, even if with adventurous travel, but this does not matter! It is important that it fully reflected what I was looking for and fulfilled my expectations, I hope the article finds ample feedback, both for its validity and for the courtesy and interest of your staff "I will publicize, as far as I can, your product, I have the possibilities and I will do it willingly. A cordial greeting."


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