Anticellulite Belt


Reduce cellulite with the ANTI-CELLULITE BELT!

Just 6 minutes a day with the Anti-Cellulite Belt and in only 10 days you will have VISIBLE RESULTS! The latex spherical pads stimulate the circulation and thin the fat tissue, toning, firming and shaping the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, thighs as you have always dreamed of … without any effort*!

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To get good results in a short time*, you must dedicate at least three minutes to each exercise. Check that the belt correctly surrounds the part you want to massage. It is very important to change the position of the belt frequently during the exercise, to massage the entire area Don’t worry if your skin turns slightly red: it is the consequence of increased blood circulation in the massaged tissue. The redness will disappear a few minutes after finishing the massage.

By using this belt on your stomach you will strengthen your muscles, you will burn the fatty tissue and you will eliminate the excess centimeters. By applying the massaging pads on your hips, the exercise becomes effective to redefine your silhouette and remove cellulite. We recommend combining a low-calorie diet with a massage. We recommend the use of the spherical pads also to remove stagnant liquids in the inner thigh tissues, to improve blood circulation and strengthen weakened muscles. If you have buttock problems, you will notice an improvement in their tone after only a few exercises. You can also use this belt for a beneficial knee massage, just making sure that the spherical ball bearings are very well supported by the knee and massaged at reduced speed. .