Caterpillar Belt

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Exclusive patent: double action! It takes her name from the “destructive” effect on Cellulite. Combines the depth of the ” hedgehog” rollers with the strength of the “ball” rollers to act in the deepest part of the cellulite and remove the stagnation of the liquids. It works on the buttocks and thighs and redefines the waist.

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The exclusive Caterpillar belt is a synergistic combination of two types of rollers: “ball” and ” hedgehog”. The first type of roller, the “ball” one, acts in the deepest part of the cellulite, going to relax the adipose and cellulite tissues and solving almost completely the water and circulatory insufficiency; the “hedgehog” type of roller works as a deep draining massage to remove liquid stagnation, often due to poor blood circulation and the consequent formation of cellulite and adipose tissues.

Place the Caterpillar Belt on critical points, where cellulite is denser and more stubborn: hips, buttocks and thighs and let it work at medium / high speed for a few minutes a day. In a short time you will get remarkable results seeing the blemishes of cellulite disappear. For the correct use of this belt it is advisable to wear light and long clothes (leggings and a light-fitting T-shirt or light overalls), as it is not recommended that the belt would come into direct contact with the skin