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Tone ARMS, CHEST, NECK and FACE with the Grip BELTs!

Designed specifically for the upper part of the body, the Grip BELTs with their vibrating massage allow you to firm, shape and strengthen arms and chest exactly like in the gym. The vibrations start from the hands to reach the neck and up, thus allowing you to firm up even the muscles of the face … for a look that is always young and relaxed!


This pair of BELTs is made for a relaxing and strengthening massage of the arms, neck, chest, and face. How many times have you felt tired and heavy arms, especially after some effort? A relaxing massage with these BELTs will solve your problems: only a few minutes a day will make you feel better! The beneficial effect of the vibrations rises from the palms through the arms to the shoulders, the neck and the muscles of the face. Vibrations also have a beneficial effect on facial muscles. A massage of this type is very relaxing and advisable especially after sports.

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